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Latest News - August 2022
Lab members are excited to be participating in the Plant and Microbial Cytoskeleton GRC held in Andover, NH between 14-19 this month. Visit our talks and posters!  

Welcome to the Goode Lab!

We are studying mechanisms of actin cytoskeleton dynamics and microtubule-actin crosstalk. We take a combined approach that uses in vitro reconstitution, single-molecule imaging, genetics, and live-cell imaging in yeast and mammalian cells.

Contact info:

Email: goode@brandeis.edu

Office: (781) 736-2464

Lab: 781-736-4954


Lab location:

Rosenstiel Basic Medical 
Sciences Research Center

Room 536


Mailing address:

The Goode Lab - MS029

415 South Street

Waltham, MA 02454