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Our Latest News

January 08, 2020

Paper on actin cable reconstitution accepted in MBoC!

Luther's paper on reconstitution of budding yeast actin cables using purified proteins accepted in Molecular Biology of the Cell!

November 22, 2019

Shashank's paper published in Nature Communications

Shashank's paper on Srv2/CAP and Cofilin synergizing in ultrafast actin depolymerization has been published at Nature Communications. This study was conducted in close collaboration with the Gelles and Kondev Lab.

July 26, 2019

Marie's paper accepted at JCB!

Marie's paper titled "The role of APC-mediated actin assembly in microtubule capture and focal adhesion turnover" accepted for publication at Journal of Cell Biology!

July 01, 2019

​Shane McInally joins the lab!

Shane McInally joins Goode lab as a joint postdoc with the Kondev lab. Shane comes from Scott Dawson's lab at UC Davis. Welcome Shane!

June 01, 2019

Devan Chan and Elise Hallstead-Willians join the lab

Goode lab welcomes QBReC undergraduate student Devan Chan and Biology undergraduate student Elise Hallstead-Williams as summer researchers.

April 29, 2019

Bruce gives the inaugural Gary Borisy Named Lecture

Bruce honored to give the inaugural Gary Borisy Named Lecture at Madison Wisconsin

March 21, 2019

Rey Aguilar gives an awesome talk at the regional SACNAS meeting

Goode lab graduate student Rey Aguilar gives an awesome talk at the regional SACNAS meeting about his exciting results on actin disassembly!

March 07, 2019

Postdoc Luther Pollard awarded an NIH F32 fellowship

Goode lab postdoc Luther Pollard has just been awarded the NIH postdoctoral fellowship for his work on reconstitution of yeast actin cables. Congratulations Luther!

March 06, 2019

Luther Pollard gives talk at Biophysical Society annual meeting

Luther Pollard gives a talk at Biophysical Society annual meeting in Baltimore.

March 01, 2019

Dr. Joe Lopez joins as a new postdoc between Goode and Duclos labs.

Welcome to new postdoc, Dr. Joe Lopez, who is working on a collaborative project between the Goode lab and Duclos lab (Physics).

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